Camo Cycling Jersey and pants has arrived

Camo cycling jersey and bib pants by Figata arrived this week and was launched on the Figata shop yesterday. 

Camo designs have been a part of our designs since day one and as long as our customers continue to ask for new camo styles, we will create them.

Our new camo cycling jersey features a high-quality zipper and is made of soft fleece. The camo bib pants are made in soft fleece as well and feature a back pocket and zipper closure system. Both the camo cycling jersey and pants have silicone grip and are made for cycling on cold days.

Buy camo cycling jersey by Figata here >>

Camo Cycling Jersey

Buy camo cycling bib pants by Figata here >>

Camo cycling bib pants 

Save 15% on the new camo cycling clothes

Figata Ciclismo updated are webshop the same week as the launch of our new webshop. We are celebrating this and are giving away 15% the rest of the week with discount code: 15camo (Enter the code at checkout)

NOTE: Most international customers (But not all) will obtain the FREE shipping limit when buying the camo cycling kit.