Most asked questions about cycling apparel

We are getting asked all kind of questions - both related and not related to our webshop and brand.

So, we believe it would be a great idea to make an article for all of you cyclists searching online for questions related to some of the most popular questions about cycling apparel.

The questions below are not related, so this blog post came out as a kind of strange article. But at least, we hope it can help you.

What cycling apparel do I need

You need a pair of bib shorts. Bib shorts are the most important part of a cycling clothes outfit. Bib shorts have a piece of padding which is comfortable for your body. Next up is a cycling jersey. The cycling jersey has pockets on your back so you can carry stuff on your ride. If you are going to ride in the mountains you will need a windbreaker/vest when going downhill to keep your body warm. Cycling socks, sunglasses, cycling shoes and a helmet is a must as well.

Cycling apparel for cold weather

A cycling windbreaker is the most important accessory for cyclists when it is cold. But you can buy a ton of stuff to keep you warm. The most important thing is that it has to be designed for performance as well. Cycling jackets in fleece and wool are popular and rain jacket is a must in your wardrobe.

Cycling apparel for beginners

Cycling apparel for beginners is pretty much the same. You can find cheap clothes but it will not give you the best experience. We always recommend buying quality cycling apparel before getting started. You can always resell used cycling apparel in high quality from brands such as Figata Ciclismo.

Cycling apparel in Singapore, China, Japan and Malaysia

Cycling has great growth worldwide and just like the fashion industry more and more are being produced in China. China makes some of the best cycling apparel on the market and it is not cheap anymore like other countries for example Bangladesh, India etc. You will find many of the same cycling apparel brands from Europe in other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Japan. Denmark, United Kingdom, and Australia are 3 countries in Europe which are currently being trendsetters in the industry.

Cycling apparel like Rapha

Rapha is one of the most known brands in the world for creating fashionable cycling apparel. But many other brands with both focus on a stylish look and performance are getting more attention. Brands like Black Sheep Cycling, VOID, MAAP, Pedal Mafia, Pas Normal Studios and Figata Ciclismo are just to name a few other brands with a focus on style from a fashionable point of view.

Cycling apparel brands list

You can find many thousand cycling brands online. To name a few: Figata Ciclismo, Rapha, Black Sheep Cycling, VOID, MAAP, Pedal Mafia, Pas Normal Studios and Fibr.

Cycling apparel sale

During the season you can find discounts from many brands. Most brands like to keep the sale periods secret.

Cycling apparel from Brisbane and Perth in Australia

Australia is now leading the way for fashionable cycling apparel together with the United Kingdom and Denmark.  Black Sheep cycling apparel is trending in Brisbane and Pedal Mafia is trending in Perth to name a few examples.