Cool cycling jerseys

When we established Figata Ciclismo is was with the idea of creating cool cycling jerseys. Actually "Figata" could be translated from Italian into "Cool" in English, and "Ciclismo" meaning "Cycling". So directly translation is "Figata Ciclismo jerseys" = Cool cycling jerseys. It is not up to us to decide if our cycling jerseys are cool or not, but based on our dedication for cycling and our fan base - we believe we got something right in the process.

Anders Berendt who founded Figata Ciclismo was in a need for cool cycling jerseys back in 2007 when he stopped his professional cycling career. That was how the idea of Figata Ciclismo aka "Cool cycling jerseys" found it's the way to the top of his mind.

Cool cycling jerseys on amazon

You can buy a wide range of cycling jerseys on Amazon but for now Figata Ciclismo cycling jerseys are NOT available on Amazon. Our cycling jersey can only be bought on our own monobrand shop. For further information please contact our customer service.