Cycling jerseys

Cycling jerseys are the most popular cycling clothing item. Making the correct decision for which cycling jersey to buy can be a bit challenging. There are thousands of choices within all price ranges.

On this page, you can find everything you need to know about buying the correct cycling jerseys. Figata Ciclismo is a Danish cycling jersey designer brand originated in Copenhagen and founded by for pro cyclist Anders Berendt and Thomas Smith.

When you are researching information about cycling jerseys we recommend to pay attention to the following details;

Fabric; The fabric on cycling jerseys is extremely important in order to balance your body. In most cases, we recommend polyester for good breathability.

Fit; The wind is a huge factor in cycling - you probably already know. Being more aerodynamic equals more speed so the fit should be tight and yet comfortable... therefore flexible.

Other; Quality zippers are extremely important if you want your cycling jersey to last for several rides. Other details on cycling jerseys such as pockets and reflexes can be important for some individuals as well. Figata Ciclismo cycling jerseys always feature back pockets.

Cycling jerseys by Figata Ciclismo