Singles Day 2018

Singles Day is celebrated in 2018 by Figata Ciclismo with a 50% discount on all cycling apparel.

This is the first time Figata Ciclismo celebrates the day, the world's biggest shopping day - primarily because of the enormous popularity of the day in China, where online giants like and celebrates the day with events and attractive offers online.

Throughout the weekend 10/11 and 11/11 2018, you can save 50% on our cycling apparel.

Singles Day 2018 cycling apparel / cykeltøj

Singles Day is still unknown in Denmark

In 2018, approx. 10% of all Danish shops are estimated to celebrate Singles Day. Figata Ciclismo is, therefore, one of the first shops in Denmark and at least one of the first shops selling cycling apparel like cycling jerseys and bib shorts that celebrates the day with huge discounts and offers.

The day has been celebrated for a number of years in China but had for the first time last year in 2017 more attention from the market due to an increased media coverage and national interest.

2018 is expected to be the year where Singles Day will take it's place in Europe and experts agree that the day has come to stay. Denmark's digital market is good at incorporating new trends, and as the day well known internationally, there is no doubt that it is only a matter of time before the same will happen in Denmark. The day is only approx. two weeks before other well-known shopping days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is also celebrated by Figata Ciclismo in 2018 - but don't expect better discounts than on Singles Day 2018.

What is Singles Day?

Singles Day was established in China and the day celebrates the singles life. Singles Days are held annually on 11/11 and are often referred to as China's national e-commerce day established by one of the world's largest e-commerce companies, Alibaba founded by the popular businessman Jack Ma.

Why celebrate Singles Day in Denmark?

Figata Ciclismo has strong business relations in China and it is obvious that we would like to celebrate a global e-commerce day together with our Chinese friends.

Figata Ciclismo can be purchased exclusively online at and the entire Figata business model is designed on an e-commerce strategy. We also cooperate with Chinese manufactures and last but not least, we believe more people should be aware that no one never has to be ashamed of being a single man or woman.


Article written by Anders Berendt
E-commerce professional and owner of Figata Ciclismo
Anders Berendt